how to share files over bluetooth in windows 10 site

Share Files Over Bluetooth In Windows 10

A tutorial about how to share files over bluetooth in windows 10 site and how to receive files between a Microsoft Windows 10 device and Android


How to Share Files Over Bluetooth in Windows 10

If you’re uninterested in connecting your phone to your laptop all the time to share photos and alternative files, here’s a glance at doing it cable-free with Bluetooth.

Bluetooth may be a common wireless technology that permits you to connect devices and use it for being attentive to music, sharing files, and more. Bluetooth uses short-range radio signals to speak with devices like your smartphone, tablet, mouse, keyboard, headphones, and additional. during this article, we’ll show you the way to change and set up Bluetooth in Windows ten therefore you’ll be able to share files between your mobile devices and laptop.

We have coated a way to share files over Bluetooth on Windows Phone eight.1, however here we’ll take a better check up on sharing files with Windows ten and a few troubleshooting steps, too.

how to enable bluetooth on windows 10

First off, your laptop clearly has to be Bluetooth enabled. If it’s not, another is to put in a 3rd party USB Bluetooth electronic device. to seek out out if your laptop has Bluetooth put in, press Windows key + X then click Device Manager. you ought to see Bluetooth listed within the device tree. Once you’ve got confirmed Bluetooth is put in, you’ll be able to begin connecting devices.

Device Manager
For the primary example, I’m getting to share files from my smartphone. victimization Bluetooth may be a ton easier than managing cables to attach your phone to your laptop. On some phones, Bluetooth may be a true battery drain. Unless you wish to use it all the time, I like to recommend departure it turned off on your mobile device till you wish it.

When you wish to repeat footage or files over to your laptop, the primary factor you wish to try to do is try your phone with the pc.

To do that, change Bluetooth on your smartphone. Turning it on varies between devices. Here I’m employing a Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone eight.1. Bluetooth is often in your device’s settings.

How to activate bluetooth on this computer

Now that you simply have Bluetooth setup, the consecutive task is to share files. Let’s strive to share files from our phones. Please note, the procedures can vary looking on the software package. choose the files you wish to share, then click the Share hub icon then click Bluetooth.

Bluetooth device not discoverable windows 10

If you expertise hassle pairing devices press the Windows key + alphabetic character then type: devices and printers then hit Enter.

Click Add Device, choose your Bluetooth enabled device then click Next. Once your device is paired, it’ll be displayed within the Devices and Printers window.


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