How to fix cant find Bluetooth settings on windows 10


If you’ve just started using a new Bluetooth device, and cant find Bluetooth settings on windows 10, we have the solution for you, just follow the steps below


Annoying by Bluetooth disappeared in Windows ten laptop or Laptop? Here’s a way to fix can’t realize Bluetooth on Windows ten. you’ll be able to activate Bluetooth in Windows ten victimization devices settings. conjointly modify the Bluetooth victimization action center if you don’t wish to use Windows settings. many users face Bluetooth not showing or Bluetooth not operating drawback on Windows ten. have you ever been ever facing this kind of Windows 10 Bluetooth issue?

There square measure many Bluetooth problems like unable to search out Bluetooth device, can’t transfer files, Bluetooth won’t connect, and a lot of. If you’re laptop show Bluetooth however can’t connect device, you would like to update Windows ten Bluetooth driver with latest version. Follow below given step by step method to mend can’t realize Bluetooth on Windows ten laptop computer.

How to fix cant find bluetooth settings on windows 10 laptop

You can realize hidden Bluetooth victimization below given device manager settings in your Windows ten laptop computer or laptop.
Step 1: Search Device manager from Windows ten searchbar

Step 2: faucet on Bluetooth if accessible. If you can’t see Bluetooth possibility, apply below settings.

Step 3: faucet read tab and choose Show hidden devices

Now you’ll be able to see Bluetooth icon in your Windows.
Step 4: below Bluetooth, right click Generic Bluetooth radio or Bluetooth generic adapter and faucet Update driver

Step 5: a select technique to update Windows ten Bluetooth driver

After complete update driver, restart your Windows laptop.

How to connect Windows 10 Bluetooth with Android or iPhone

Step 1: faucet Windows begin the icon

Step 2: faucet Settings gear icon

Step 3: faucet Devices settings
tep 4: faucet Add Bluetooth or different device

Step 5: choose between Bluetooth or Wireless show /dock or everything else (Xbox controllers, DLNA)

Step 6: Choose a device to attach

You can connect mouse, keyboard, Pen, Audio devices, Wireless computer network card victimization Bluetooth in Windows ten.

And that’s it. we have a tendency to hope this makes it clear a way to fix can’t realize Bluetooth on Windows ten laptop. does one have the other handy solutions? Share with us in below comment box


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